'I can't take on Bar Refaeli, but consumers can'

IDF manpower chief calls for boycott of goods advertised by supermodel in effort to combat draft-dodging.

The Israeli army now has a new target: Head of IDF Manpower Avi Zamir announced Wednesday that in an effort to combat draft dodging, the military would take on one of the most successful Israelis in the world, supermodel Bar Refaeli.
Refaeli, 24, evaded military service by marrying a 37-year-old and divorcing him immediately thereafter. Asked by a student at Herzliya's Interdisciplinary Center why the IDF had not taken action against Refaeli following the short-lived marriage, the manpower head answered that "she procured a marriage certificate ... she went and married a 37-year-old, what could I do?"
"At the end of the day, she is the one who has to look at herself in the mirror. We, as a society, have an army," he said. "If she advertises Fox [clothing], then don't buy their products. That will be the answer. After all, I can't handle Bar Refaeli, but you can."
Refaeli recently requested to change her status as a taxpaying resident of Israel, citing prolonged stays abroad.