I did nothing wrong under Olmert, Dinur says

Ra'anan Dinur, the former director-general of the Prime Minister's Office and the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, said Wednesday he was innocent of all wrongdoing despite the police recommendation to indict him for his alleged involvement in making political appointments. "I have no doubt that there is not a court in Israel that would convict me of things I did not do," Dinur told reporters before testifying at the State Commission of Inquiry into the Handling of the Evacuees from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria. He refused to elaborate. On Monday, the police recommended to the state prosecution to press charges against former prime minister Ehud Olmert, Dinur and another close Olmert aide, Ovad Yehezkel. During the years that Olmert headed the Industry, Commerce and Employment Ministry, the Communications Ministry, and the Finance Ministry and headed the Israel Lands Administration and the Israel Broadcasting Authority, he used his power to make 260 political appointments or grant favors to people connected to the Likud Party. Dinur served at that time as director-general of the Industry, Commerce and Employment Ministry. The police accused Olmert, Dinur and Yehezkel of acting "out of severe conflicts of interest when granting promotions and benefits for members of the Likud Central Committee or their acquaintances." Police said they had found evidence of improper benefits, appointments and actions to promote Likud colleagues and activists, as well as proof that Olmert had responded positively to requests to guarantee the jobs of acquaintances or prevent them from being fired.