IAF strike hits car, misses intended targets

Islamic Jihad announces improved rocket can hit center of Ashkelon.

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fighter jets 88
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Air force missiles fired at a car in Deir el-Balah in the Gaza Strip after midnight Friday, failed to hit the intended targets, but damaged the car. Palestinian media reports said the two men came away unscathed after successfully fleeing from the vehicle just before the missiles struck. Their identities and affiliation were not published. On Friday night, a Kassam rocket landed in the western Negev. No one was wounded and no damage was reported. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza on Saturday declared they had successfully constructed rockets with an improved range that are capable of hitting the center of Ashkelon. The leaders said the rockets are packed with TNT and have a range of up to 16 kilometers. Abu Hamza, an Islamic Jihad spokesman, said the rockets are capable of causing greater damage than the older rockets. Last week, nine Islamic Jihad and Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorists involved in Kassam attacks were killed in four IAF strikes in Gaza,. Before dawn Saturday, an F-16 shelled areas in northern Gaza identified as Kassam launching sites. On Thursday, OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav Gallant said that while it is impossible to guarantee a complete halt to Kassam attacks, the army will continue to take the initiative and dictate the time and place it chooses to respond. Also on Friday, Palestinian Authority security forces in Rafah said one man was killed and two were wounded when a weapons smuggling tunnel collapsed. In the West Bank over the weekend, two Islamic Jihad fugitives were wounded, one moderately, by IDF gunfire during an operation by elite units in the Jenin refugee camp. The army said soldiers came under fire. Initially the army thought that one of the fugitives was killed in the return fire, however it was later revealed he was moderately wounded. Troops arrested two Islamic Jihad fugitives. Palestinians claim Ashra al-Saadi, a senior Islamic Jihad fugitive, was moderately wounded and that Amin Abu Siriyya was also wounded. In Silat a-Daher near Jenin, soldiers arrested two Islamic Jihad fugitives. On Friday, two 14-year-old youths caught carrying knives were arrested by soldiers at a checkpoint outside of Bethlehem. The two were handed over to security officials for questioning, and told officials they had intended to stab soldiers. The same day, a bomb was detonated near an IDF patrol in Salem, east of Nablus. No one was wounded. Shots were fired at a patrol near Yamoun, northeast of Jenin. No one was wounded.