IAF strikes 70 targets in Beirut, Tyre

Army warns residents of Sidon by radio broadcast to evacuate northward.

tyre base 298.88 (photo credit: Associated Press)
tyre base 298.88
(photo credit: Associated Press)
The IDF on Saturday broadcast warnings to the residents of the Lebanese coastal city of Sidon, recommending they leave their homes and move northward, in order to evade an impending attack. In the past 36 hours, the IAF carried out some 160 air strikes against Lebanon, the army said on Saturday. The army spokesman's office said fighter pilots flew 88 missions on Friday, and more than 70 so far on Saturday.
Among the targets in the neighborhood of Dahiya were underground Hizbullah operations rooms, weapons stores and two rocket launchers. The army also hit the offices of a newspaper that, according to the IDF, was used to spread incitement and Hizbullah propaganda, Army Radio reported. A road connecting eastern Lebanon and the city of Homs in Syria was also struck. The residents of the areas that came under fire were forewarned of the attack and advised to leave the area. Lebanese sources also reported of helicopters striking targets in Tyre. The security establishment asserted that the long-range rocket that landed near Hadera on Friday was fired from Tyre and that the launcher was hit by the Israeli strike. It added that Hizbullah still had more long-range rockets whose range extends further south than Haifa. Two or three rockets landed in the region of Hadera for the first time on Friday night, marking the southernmost point Hizbullah has fired so far in the conflict, some 90 km south of the Lebanese border. Four locals suffered from shock. AP contributed to this report.