IDF defuses two roadside bombs near Beit El

IDF defuses two roadside

The IDF neutralized two roadside bombs planted on a road near the central West Bank settlement of Bet El on Thursday, thwarting a bomb attack aimed at military vehicles that frequently patrol the area. The two explosive devices were planted on a road used mainly by army vehicles and which is relatively free of civilian traffic. The devices weighed five and seven kilograms respectively. The bombs were detonated in a controlled explosion by an army bomb squad, the IDF said. No injuries were reported. A third explosive device was uncovered in a home in the Palestinian town of Beit Omar, northwest of Hebron early on Thursday. IDF uniforms which would have been used by terrorists to disguise themselves as soldiers were also recovered in the home. The device was neutralized by an army bomb squad. "We are seeing the continued motivation of terrorist organizations to carry out attacks," an army source told The Jerusalem Post. "Their ability to carry out the attacks is limited by the effectiveness of IDF operations, the completion of the West Bank security fence, and also because of efforts by the Palestinian Authority," the source said. "But the motivation exists, and the situation [of continued attempted bomb attacks] exists. It is not ending, and we will continue our operations," the source said. Meanwhile, 15 wanted security suspects were arrested in the early hours of Thursday by IDF forces in the West Bank. A homemade rifle was also seized on Wednesday evening by soldiers at a checkpoint near Gush Etzion. The Palestinian man in possession of the firearm was arrested and taken for questioning.