IDF to press charges against commander who let son drive army vehicle

IDF Judge Advocate-General Brig.-Gen. Avihai Mandelblit decided Thursday to press criminal charges against the outgoing commander of the Gaza Division, Brig.-Gen. Moshe Tamir, for allegedly allowing his son to drive a military dune buggy without a drivers license and covering up the subsequent accident. IDF sources said it was likely that Tamir, who is a respected and experienced officer, would need to end his military career as a result of the indictment. The charges that Mandelblit decided to press against Tamir include obstructing the investigation, allowing his son to drive without a license, as well as misuse of military property. The incident happened over a year ago, when Tamir allegedly allowed his son to drive a military dune buggy on vacation, and the son collided with a civilian vehicle. Tamir allegedly paid off the driver to cover up the accident, and then filled out reports saying that he had been the driver of the military vehicle. Last week, Tamir complete a two year term as head of the Gaza Division, and was replaced by Brig.-Gen. Eyal Eisenberg.