Ilana Rada: Zadarov didn't kill my daughter

Ilana Rada, mother of slain Katzrin student Ta'ir Rada, said Monday that she had lost all faith in the police and that she did not believe that Roman Zadarov, the primary suspect in her daughter's murder, had done the deed. In an interview with Israel Radio, Rada said she believed that other children - not necessarily Nofei Golan students - had killed Ta'ir out of jealousy. Rada added that she believed children belonging to a satanist cult killed her daughter and that the police should check in that direction. Last week, police extracted a confession from Zadarov, who admitted to murdering the eighth grader in a bathroom at the Nofei Golan high school. However, Zadarov recanted afterwards, claiming police had forced him to confess and that his story was false.