Israel set to destroy Iran . . . on the chess board

Israeli Chess Champion Alik Gershon plans to break Guinness World Record for largest number of simultaneous games, currently held by Iran.

The Jewish Agency together with the Israeli Chess Federation plan to break The Guinness World Record for the largest number of simultaneous Chess games played in a single session.
Israel plans to break the record, which is currently held by Iran, by pitting one man against over 500 players.
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The man who is stepping up to the challenge is Alik Gershon, Israeli Chess champion and former World Youth Chess champion.
He will play against people of all ages from all over Israel and he will have to win 80% of the games in order to break the record.
Iranian GM Morteza Mahjoob currently holds the record, which previously stood at 360 simultaneous games,set earlier by Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev.
Mahjoob broke the record by taking on 500 opponents and scoring 397 wins, 90 draws, 13 loses.
The game is set to take place at Rabin Square on Thursday October 21 and begin at 11:30 a.m
The event is set to last for over 24 hours.