Israel shuns UN call for Cast Lead probe

Edelstein: Israel will submit internal investigation to UN this week.

Judge Richard Goldstone (photo credit: courtesy)
Judge Richard Goldstone
(photo credit: courtesy)
Information and Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Tuesday that Israel won't set up an independent panel to investigate Operation Cast Lead as the UN urged.
The UN General Assembly called on Israel and "the Palestinian side" to conduct "independent, credible" investigations into last winter's fighting in Gaza. It expected a decision by February 5.
Edelstein said that a document, which Israel will submit to the UN this week, deals only with Israel's own investigations of the war.
Israel launched the offensive to quash Gaza rocket squads that had traumatized its southern communities.
The UN report recommends Israel be tried for war crimes as a result ofthe counter-terror campaign. Edelstein added that the response Israelis preparing will prove the report's many faults.
Secretary BanKi-moon said he will take a serious look at the report when it comesout and that he was aware of the dangers of giving legitimization toanti-Semitism and hatred.