Israel to pay 50 Hebron Palestinians for damage

50 residents of city to receive NIS 250,000 for property vandalized during Beit Hashalom eviction.

beit hashalom 88 ap (photo credit: )
beit hashalom 88 ap
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In an unprecedented move, the Defense Ministry has granted 50 Palestinian families from Hebron NIS 250,000, taken from taxpayers' money, as compensation for damages to their property by settler activists in December 2008. The damages occurred after police cleared the Beit Hashalom structure, which was claimed by settlers in the city. The evacuation set off a succession of revenge attacks on Palestinians by far-Right activists. "After the disturbances in the Jabari neighborhood of Hebron, Civil Administration commander Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai toured the area and decided to take the unusual step of creating a mechanism to compensate Palestinians for property damaged," said a source from the Civil Administration, which initiated the idea. "A committee was set up allowing Palestinians in Hebron to directly submit their claims for compensation to the Civil Administration. Appraisers were sent to the addresses of the claimants to estimate the cost of the damage," he added. "This was an ad-hoc committee designed to deal with only this issue," the Civil Administration source said, adding that "it was created because of the scope of the damage." Defense Minister Ehud Barak then complied with Mordechai's request to approve all of the requests for compensation.