Israeli Arabs commemorate October 2000 events

Thousands plan to demonstrate in Kfar Kanna; Arab Higher Monitoring Committee declares general strike, asks for investigation.

jaffa day of rage rally 311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
jaffa day of rage rally 311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
In honor of the tenth anniversary of the events of October 2000, in which Israeli Arabs rioted and 13 were killed, thousands of Israeli Arabs are plan to demonstrate in Kfar Kanna on Friday afternoon.
In addition, the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee has declared a general strike. Many villages are also planning local parades and protests.
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Police have gathered near the demonstrations and outside the villages in order to prevent rioting, but expect the demonstrations to be peaceful.
In the coming days, the Committee and the parents of those killed plans to ask Attorney-General to reverse the decision of previous attorney general Manny Mazuz, which declared that there is not enough evidence to investigate the police officers involved in the killing.
Israeli Arabs have held demonstrations and strikes during the month of October over the past ten years to express their anger over what they claim is an improper failure to investigate the incident.