Israeli dies in India, another missing in Laos

Woman killed in traffic accident while visiting her daughter; search continues for hiker.

India 298.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
India 298.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Israeli woman was killed in a traffic accident in India on Friday, Army Radio reported Saturday. The woman, a 47-year old resident of the Western Galilee, was traveling with her husband and two children throughout the peninsula, visiting a third daughter who was hiking there. The Foreign Ministry said the Israeli Consulate in New Delhi was taking the necessary measures to notify family members in Israel and helping with the return of the body for burial. Meanwhile, the search continues for Israeli hiker Avner Bardugo, 25, who disappeared on Friday while traveling in Laos, Foreign Ministry officials said. The ministry has asked other Israelis in Laos to assist in the search for Bardugo. The traveler was taking a river expedition by boat when for unknown reasons the craft flipped over and he was swept away in the water. Bardugo was with another Israeli at the time of the accident, and his companion managed to contact local emergency services, who immediately began searching for Bardugo and contacted the Israeli authorities. The Bardugo family is asking for donations to help them hire a search team. Money can be donated from within Israel in NIS 10 increments by sending the text message "hilutz" in Hebrew to *3377.