Israeli drivers' licenses to be digitized

All 3.3 million licensed Israeli drivers will have to be photographed again for new digitized licenses that meet European standards, according to the Transport Ministry, which contracted the Postal Authority and the Marmenet company to do the work. The plastic cards will be in effect for a decade, and the photography sessions - to which drivers will be invited - will start in January 2006. The authority and Marmenet will set up at least 40 photography stations around the country. The new biometric system will make possible absolute identification of the driver even years later based on physiological markers on his face that are not affected by ageing. The images will be stored in the Licensing Bureau's computers and also be used for issuing pilot's and boating licenses. Driver's licenses have had photos since 1992, and since then, the photo database has not been updated, even though most drivers look different today.