Israeli wounded in shooting in Modi'in area

Unknown Fatah offshoot claims attack; Israeli taken to hospital after reaching IDF checkpoint.

Modiin Illit 224.88 (photo credit: Peace Now)
Modiin Illit 224.88
(photo credit: Peace Now)
An Israeli man was lightly-to-moderately wounded on Thursday evening when he was shot by Palestinian gunmen on Route 446, in the Modi'in area. After the shooting, the Israeli, a Modi'in Illit resident, managed to reach the Na'alin checkpoint, where he informed soldiers that he had been shot. The man, who was hit in the shoulder, was evacuated to Tel Hashomer Hospital. IDF troops scoured the scene, near the village of Dir Kadis, in search of the suspects. An unknown Fatah offshoot called the "Truth and Freedom Brigades" claimed responsibility for the attack. Some three weeks ago, Pvt. Ahikam Amihai (20) and Sgt. David Rubin (21), two off duty IDF soldiers, were killed in a shooting attack in the Hebron Hills.