Jerusalem braces for another storm

Snow storm expected to begin Monday afternoon, last into Tuesday; homeless woman dies of hypothermia in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem snow 88 224 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Jerusalem snow 88 224
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
Before the upcoming storm arrives in the capital, accompanied by rain and snow on the mountains, residents should prepare for the white flakes expected to pile up starting Monday night, the Jerusalem Municipality recommends. Final preparations will take place at the municipality only on Monday morning, in accordance with weather forecasts. Meanwhile, a homeless woman was found dead of hypothermia in Tel Aviv Monday morning. 14 people died, most of them homeless, in a previous cold wave in January. Meteo-Tech meteorologist Nahum Malik told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday evening that the storm was due to start Monday morning, with rains spreading from the North to the north of the Negev, accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds. "The temperatures will start dropping around Monday afternoon, and snow will fall on the northern mountains. The snow will spread to Jerusalem and the Center late on Monday," said Malik, adding that even though this snowstorm will be short, it's expected to be as strong as the storm that hit at the end of last month. "The snow will be weakening gradually on Tuesday afternoon, as well as the winds and the rains," Malik continued. According to the municipality, residents should leave a faucet dripping slowly as soon as the temperatures drop, to prevent the pipes from exploding. In addition, the municipality urges residents to verify that their roofs are sealed and electrical systems safe, check the ventilation of their heating systems, make sure their rain gutters are clear, and be equipped with emergency lighting. Due to the strong winds expected to begin Monday morning, residents are asked to secure loose objects on roofs, such as water tanks, furniture, antennas or anything that could cause damage during the storm. It is inadvisable to stay in temporary structures that could collapse under the weight of the snow. On Tuesday morning, the municipality will announce whether schools will open as usual. The city's hotline will be manned by extra staff, the city said Sunday, and residents who need help or would like to report hazards can call 106. "Warm Home," a municipal welfare project, will provide shelter for the homeless until the cold front passes.