J'lem ceremony to memorialize Jewish victims of terror abroad

Event will include the unveiling of a monument with the names of those who have been slain.

terror victims memorial 248.88 (photo credit: Brian Hendler )
terror victims memorial 248.88
(photo credit: Brian Hendler )
Among the Remembrance Day events scheduled throughout the country on Tuesday will be a ceremony commemorating over 200 Jews who have been killed in terrorist attacks and hate crimes around the world since the state's founding. The ceremony is being sponsored by the Jewish Agency, together with the World Zionist Organization, Keren Hayesod, United Jewish Communities and the Jewish National Fund. It will be held in the historic courtyard of the Jewish Agency building on Jerusalem's King George Street. The event will include the unveiling of a monument with the names of those who have been slain, including Moshe Nahari, who was murdered in late December of last year by Islamic fundamentalists in Yemen, and Norma Rabinovich, a Mexican national who was planning to make aliya but was murdered in the terror rampage at the Mumbai Chabad House in November. Remembrance Day, followed by Independence Day on Wednesday, will be marked in events and ceremonies around the world. Events include performances by Israeli musicians, Israeli food festivals and raffles for plane tickets to Israel. In New York, a massive Independence Day event will take place on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier docked in the Hudson River, and is expected to draw thousands of young people. Some 2,000 Jewish Agency workers from 550 communities worldwide and 45 locales in Israel are expected to participate in both Remembrance Day and Independence Day events here. Many of those arriving from abroad will stay with Israeli host families and, among other things, will visit the graves of fallen soldiers. At the same time, Jewish Agency emissaries have left the country for Jewish communities abroad to bring an "Israeli atmosphere" to those ceremonies as well. Independence Day festivities here will include the arrival of 70 new immigrants from various cities in the former Soviet Union, London, Paris and Miami.