Kamm espionage trial postponed to May 12

Kamm's lawyers complain they have yet to receive investigative material from prosecution.

ANAT KAM311 (photo credit: EDAN RING)
(photo credit: EDAN RING)
The opening of Anat Kamm’s trial has been rescheduled for May 12, after her lawyers complained that they have yet to receive the investigative material from the state prosecution, attorney Eitan Lehman told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.
However, Lehman, who along with Avigdor Feldman is representing Kamm, added that the trial would have to be postponed again because the two attorneys would need time to study the material after it was given to them.
Lehman added that the defense will also want to see the list of documents included in three appendices to the indictment that the state handed over to the court. The list of documents was given to the court in a sealed envelope and the court was asked to keep it in a safe.
It lists documents that Kamm allegedly handed over to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau, including 700 “top secret” and “secret” documents the state accuses her of copying and transferring to Blau.
Asked why the state has still not handed over all the material that it is prepared to give the defense lawyers, even though the indictment was served in January, Lehman said the matter was sensitive and that therefore the procedure was taking longer than it normally does.
Lehman also said that until he and Feldman study the material, theycould not know whether they would demand that the indictment becanceled and that Kamm be given a hearing before the state decideswhether to charge her. The state is not obliged to grant hearings inall criminal cases.
He added that there could be no talk of a plea bargain before thedefense attorneys understood the basis of the charges against Kamm.
Feldman has already declared that the state’s charge that Kammcollected, copied and transferred the documents with intent to harmstate security was unfounded. Had she meant to do that, she could havegiven the documents to enemy agents, he said.