Katz blames PM choosing 'Barak and the extreme Left' for Bat Ayin attack

National Union chair Ya'akov Katz slammed new Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday, blaming him for the fatal terror attack in Bat Ayin. In a statement released shortly after the attack, which left a 13-year-old dead and a 7-year-old moderately wounded, Katz said, "Netanyahu's strategic decision to choose [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak and the extreme Left, over a party which represents the settlers who devote their souls to the country… makes more murderous terrorists." He said that terrorists were well aware that the current government under Netanyahu, Barak, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, "will continue racism against Jews in the West Bank." "Unfortunately, the terrorists know Netanyahu's weakness," he added. "They also know that if they get caught, Barak will release them so they can attack again."