Kinneret: 14-year-old boy killed by tree

Family camping trip turns fatal as branch hits tent in Yarden Park.

kkl trees  (photo credit: )
kkl trees
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A boy aged fourteen died Tuesday morning after a tree fell on his head while he was sleeping in a tent at Yarden Park north of the Kinneret .
The teenager was taken to Rambam Hospital in Haifa by helicopter where he died from his injuries.
Golan Heights Police opened an investigation into the incident.
The teen, a Kedumin resident, was at the park enjoying a camping trip with his family.
He was sleeping in the same tent as his brother and father with his sister and mother sleeping in the adjacent tent.
A heavy branch from the tree above his tent broke off and fell on him while he was sleeping.
Magen David Adom crews were called to the scene by the teen's parents and treated him at the scene for injuries to the head and breast area.
After being treated at the scene he was taken to hospital where he was later confirmed dead.
Police decided to evacuate over forty families that were also staying at the campsite in the Golan Heights.
Specialists were examining the campsite to conclude if there were any other branches that were at risk of falling off any of the trees.