Labor MK fights for the environment [p. 3]

Knesset Member Avishay Braverman, who has earned a reputation for advancing economic policy, has now set his sights on environmental legislature, which he calls the "new frontier" of socioeconomics. This week, the Labor MK will introduce legislature to expand Israel's recycling policies. Currently, only certain types of bottles are recycled, with most of the funds being channeled back to the government or the companies that created the bottles. Braverman's law, however, would see funds being handed back directly to municipalities in exchange for their participation in expanding recycling efforts to all types of packaging. "It is the first time that Israel will have a real recycling law," said Braverman. "It is time for Israel to catch up with the rest of the world, and offer more than a partial solution for our recycling needs." Braverman said he has always "been environmental" but that his recent law was prompted by Al Gore's new movie about global warming. "People in Israel are starting to understand that we, too, have to regard the environment as a serious issue," said Braverman. Braverman said he also plans to introduce a new "Oceans Law" in coming weeks that would seek to prevent pollution along Israel's seacoast.