Leader of 'Reform Syria' party to appear in FADC

Farid Ghadry, leader of the Washington-based Reform Party of Syria (RPS), will appear at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee discussion on Syria, on June 11, the Ha'aretz daily reported on its Website. Ghadry will not be the first Syrian national to appear before the FADC. Earlier this year Ibrahim Suleiman, a Syrian-American businessman outlined to the FADC his viewpoint of what Syrian-Israeli peace would be like. Syria has since shaken itself from Suleiman, saying he was representing no one but himself. Ghadry, who wishes to initiate a democratizing process is Syria, including placing the power in the hands of the Sunni majority, is deemed dangerous by the Assad regime, and so the RPS is based in the US. Ghadry claims that the party has activists working in Syria to further its objectives.