Lieberman: Israel Beiteinu 'is not against the Left or against the Arabs'

Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman used his speech at the IDC Herzliya conference on Monday to clarify his positions against the actions of the country's Israel-Arab political parties, singling out the National Democratic Assembly, or Balad party, in particular. "We are not against the Left or against the Arabs," Lieberman said. "We're for the State of Israel. And Balad founder Azmi Bishara should be tried for espionage, as he uses every opportunity he gets to speak out against Israel." "His successor, Jamal Zahalka, used his Israeli passport to fly to Jordan and make a speech at the grave of George Habash," Lieberman said. "These are politicians that receive pensions from the State of Israel." "These are ministers that refuse to sing the national anthem," he continued. "When Jews were ministers in Arab states, did anyone doubt their loyalty to their state?"