Livni: Israel cannot be a state with areas like the Wild West

Kadima chairwoman and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni harshly condemned on Wednesday the right-wing youth activists who in recent days have been clashing with police and Palestinians in Hebron, and called on political and civil leaders in Israel to follow suit. "We have here a group that does not recognize the authority of the government, the authority of the court, or the authority of the army or police to act," Livni said. "Israel cannot be a state which has areas that are like the Wild West." "We are not speaking about one house, or an isolated incident," she continued. "This is a phenomenon which must end." "I expect everyone to speak clearly and with one voice," Livni said. "Every citizen is obliged to the law, and there is no way a citizen can raise a hand against a soldier. The political and societal leadership in Israel, especially those with influence on this group, needs to clearly denounce this, otherwise the phenomenon won't disappear."