MDA issues Pessah nut allergy warning after girl nearly dies

Magen David Adom issued a warning Tuesday to all those with nut allergies to carefully check the ingredients in Pessah cookies and cakes. The warning came a day after a 16-year-old Kiryat Shmona girl accidentally ate a chocolate cookie containing peanuts and nearly died. The girl's mother said she had bought the kosher for Passover cookies for the upcoming holiday and had put them in her kitchen. However, her daughter apparently couldn't wait and didn't check the ingredients, which stated that the cookies contained peanuts. She suffered a severe allergic reaction and lost consciousness. An MDA team carried out resuscitation efforts at the home before evacuating the girl to Ziv Hospital in Safed, and on her way to the hospital, she started to regain consciousness. MDA also recounted another similar case that occurred on Monday night in the Tel Aviv area, when a 14-year-old English girl, who didn't understand the Hebrew ingredients, ate a cake containing peanuts and suffered an allergic reaction, including breathing difficulties and a large rash. She was evacuated to Wolfson Hospital in light-to-moderate condition.