Members of cell that killed Sasson Nuriel indicted

The government released on Thursday night a press statement saying that indictments were served on Monday in the military court of Judea against Muhammed Amar Muhammed Ruhmi and Sayid Abrahim Mahmed Shlalda for their involvement in the murder of Israeli citizen Sasson Nuriel According to the indictments the two were part of a Hamas terror cell which plotted to kidnap Israelis in order to later negotiate with the state of Israel for the release of Palestinian prisoners. On September 21st, 2005, the Hamas cell kidnapped Sasson Nuriel, who had been the employer of one of the members of the cell. After Nuriel's abduction, the Hamas cell decided to murder him, fearing they would be caught by Israeli security forces. Shlalda murdered Nuriel by stabbing him repeatedly with a knife and then, with other members of the cell, attempted to dispose of Nuriel's body.
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