'Mexican doctor drugged, raped 2'

Anesthesiologist nabbed on suspicion of abusing women he met online.

doctors operating room 311 (photo credit: HBL)
doctors operating room 311
(photo credit: HBL)
A Mexican doctor's remand was extended on Tuesday at the trail where he is accused of drugging and raping two women that he met on the internet.
Ramle Magistrates Court concluded that there is strong evidence to suggest that the anesthesiologist, Jose Fara, is connected to the the incidents and expressed fears that the suspect may try to leave the country, Army Radio reported Tuesday.
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A police representative exposed during the trail that Fara admitted he was in possession of certain drugs without a permit.
Fara took the drugs from the "Asaf Harofe" hospital where he specialized in anesthesiology.
The suspect denied all connection with the incidents and claimed that he did not know the two female victims involved.
Police investigators were checking the possibility that there may be more female victims who were attacked by Fara.