More online images of IDF soldier with detainee

In wake of Eden Abergil photos, video features soldier dancing next to blindfolded female detainee; IDF orders investigation.

IDF soldier dancing with detainee 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
IDF soldier dancing with detainee 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A new video clip has surfaced showing an Israeli soldier with a blindfolded Palestinian prisoner.
The clip shown on Channel 10 Monday, was of an Israeli soldier dancing next to a female Palestinian prisoner while other soldiers cheer in the background.
IDF Facebook poster denies wrongdoing
A picture is worth a thousand lives
Israeli media reported on Monday that the IDF's internal investigations department had already ordered a probe into the matter following the Channel 10 television report.
The new video is reminiscent of the Eden Abergil controversy last month, in which a discharged IDF soldier posted an assortment of photos on facebook showing her posing with bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees. The pictures became a national controversy.
A statement from the IDF spokesman at the time said, "This is shameless behavior by the soldier," speaking of the pictures. "In light of the fact that she was discharged last year, all of the details have been turned over to commanders for further attention."