Navy: We did not halt Iranian boat

Earlier, Iranian radio station reported boat carrying aid intended for Gaza stopped by Israel.

The Navy did not stop any Iranian boat in the Mediterranean on Tuesday, the army was quoted by Channel 10 as saying. Earlier, and Iranian radio station reported that an Iranian ship carrying aid to Gaza was stopped by the Navy on its way towards the Strip. "An Iranian ship that was carrying foodstuff and medicine was stopped by the Zionist regime's navy 20 miles off the coast of Gaza," the Iranian radio station was quoted by Reuters as reporting, adding that the ship had left the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas 13 days earlier. The IDF spokesman said the military had no comment on the reports. On Monday, a group of protesters, doctors and lawmakers from the Free Gaza movement abandoned a bid to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and returned to Cyprus after their boat experienced engine trouble, a spokeswoman for the movement said. Karin Pally told The Associated Press that a generator blew three hours into the 24-hour trip, forcing the 20-meter Greek-flagged vessel to return to port in Larnaca.