Netanyahu, Lieberman discuss coalition in Jerusalem

Likud chair Binyamin Netanyahu met with Israel Beiteinu chair Avigdor Lieberman in Jerusalem Wednesday evening, in an effort to put together a government under his leadership. Netanyahu will request that Lieberman recommend that President Shimon Peres give him the mandate to put together the next Israeli government. Israel Beiteinu MK Yitzhak Ahronovich said, however, that his party had not ruled out recommending Kadima leader Tzipi Livni. "We still haven't decided who we'll recommend, and we're not ruling out any Zionist candidate," he said. Stas Meseznikov, another Israeli Beiteinu MK, was appointed as the head of the party's coalition negotiation team. The party has said will focus their efforts on resolving terror and topping Hamas control, advancing an Israeli citizenship law, issues pertaining to religion and state, and changing the system of government.