New campaign to teach populace to identify protected spaces

Home Front Command aims at keeping people safe during rocket attacks through leaflets, television commercials.

Israel has developed means of detecting and intercepting non-conventional weapons, OC Home Front Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan announced on Sunday.
“We are not aware of non-conventional weapons in the hands of Hizbullah and we do not know about such intentions, but there are preparations for this type of situation,” he said.
Golan spoke at the launch of the annual Home Front Command information campaign, aimed at getting people to identify protected spaces to keep them safe during any rocket attacks.
Officials at the Home Front Command said the campaign was routine and was unrelated to any current events or security evaluations.
The public campaign will take the form of leaflets sent to homes that will inform residents how long they have to enter protected spaces from the moment an enemy missile is fired at their area.
The leaflets, which will also be available in English, will contain instructions on choosing protected spaces, a list of recommended equipment to place in the spaces, and a “defensive zone map” showing how long each of the country’s regions will have from the time a rocket is fired to the time it strikes.
The campaign will also be promoted through TV ads starring actress Tiki Dayan, which employ humor to raise awareness, as well as a Facebook page. A TV ad tailored for children will also be broadcast.
Golan added that the Iron Dome anti-rocket system, aimed at intercepting short-range projectiles, would become operational in around a month.