New Profile to Sa'ar: Let us into schools

New Profile sends Saar

New Profile, an NGO that calls for youths not to enlist in the IDF, sent a letter to Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar on Monday blasting his decision to prohibit the group's representatives from speaking at schools. The letter is part of the organization's ongoing struggle against the minister's decision, made several months ago. In Monday's letter, the group claimed that Sa'ar's decision showed that the government does not truly cherish the values of democracy and free speech, and exposed the Education Ministry's hypocrisy when preaching tolerance. Sa'ar had explained that the group would not be allowed to preach at schools because its goals completely contradict the Education Ministry's values. "It is impossible that there would be preaching for draft-dodging or against enlistment in the IDF in our schools. This sort of preaching is completely opposed to our educational way," Sa'ar said. In the letter, New Profile criticizes the educational system for presenting enlistment in the IDF as the only correct position, and claims students are being taught to admire power and fear a second Holocaust. "The content being taught in the educational system today forms the mindset that choosing to fight is the correct political position," New Profile claims in the letter. The educational system "cultivates admiration of power, glorification of the Jewish nation, diminishing the value of Palestinians' lives and encouraging fears and anxieties of another Holocaust," the NGO wrote to Sa'ar.