New stamps to send Israel's message of independence around the world

Israel Postal company joins celebrations with several specially designed stamps.

independence flag 224.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
independence flag 224.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A series of stamps is being issued by the Israel Philatelic Service to mark Remembrance Day and the 60th Independence Day this week. Israel Postal Company director-general Avi Hochman said Sunday that the stamps constituted part of the Israeli experience and that the designs were symbolic. He hoped they would serve as tiny paper ambassadors of goodwill around the world. The memorial stamp, with a face value of NIS 1.55 and designed by Ronen Goldberg, shows a flaming-red flower representing memory, reddish clouds representing the war and its cost, and white doves and blue skies representing hope and peace. The "60 Years of Independence" stamp, also NIS 1.55, is based on the official symbol of the event and was designed by Miri Nistor. A sheet of six stamps based on independence anniversary posters from five different years in Israel's history (from 1952 to 2006) costs a total of NIS 13.50 and was designed by Jaimi Kivkovich. A Hatikva memorial sheet costing NIS 15 and designed by Baruch Na'eh shows Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion, with a Star of David made from perforations. The "Israeli" stamp shows the "new sabra" in the form of the image designed by the late caricaturist "Dosh" (Kariel Gardosh). The theme was chosen in an Internet poll; the stamp was designed by Eli Karmeli and costs NIS 1.55.