No! The men Israel wouldn't free

1. Hassan Salama Responsible for the murder of dozens of Israelis in terrorist attacks, including two bus bombings in Jerusalem in 1996 in which 44 people were killed. Given 38 life sentences in prison in 1998. 2.Bahij Badar Hamas terror chief arrested in 2004 for planning attacks in which 18 Israelis were killed. Eighteen life sentences. 3. Abdullah Barghouti Planned a string of terror attacks in which 66 Israelis were killed, including the Sbarro and Moment Cafe bombings in Jerusalem. Sentenced to 67 life terms. 4. Mahmoud Arman Convicted in 2002 for his direct role in a series of attacks that claimed 34 Israeli lives. Was also involved in planning bombings at the Moment Cafe, the Hebrew University and a billiard club in Rishon Lezion. 5. Ibrahim Hamed Convicted for his role in a string of attacks that murdered 82 Israelis, including a 2001 double suicide attack in Jerusalem's Kikkar Zion Square that killed 11 people. 6. Abbas a-Sayid Hamas commander in Tulkarm, convicted for several deadly attacks including a 2001 suicide bombing in Hasharon Mall in Netanya that killed five Israelis. 7. Mohand Sarim One of the planners of the Seder night 2002 Park Hotel bombing in Netanya, which killed 29 Israelis. 8. Ra'ad Hutari Caught in 2003 and convicted for recruiting a number of suicide bombers, including one who perpetrated the 2001 attack at the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv, which killed 22 people and wounded 83 others. 9. Jamal Abu al-Hija Hamas commander in Jenin, sentenced to nine life terms for his role in a number of terrorist attacks, including a 2000 car bombing near a Hadera mall that killed two people. 10. Mua'at Balal Given 26 life terms for his role in a series of terrorist attacks, including a 1997 suicide bombing in the Mahaneh Yehuda market in Jerusalem, which killed 18 Israelis, and a 1997 suicide bombing on the capital's Rehov Ben Yehuda that killed eight.