Olmert beseeches Sarkozy not to restrict Israel's Gaza operation

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met on Monday evening with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in an attempt to influence the French leader to prevent the UN Security Council from reaching a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire or reprimanding Israel. The UNSC is set to meet on Tuesday, and France is currently residing as its president. "In view of the diplomatic developments, it would be unwise to pass a resolution on the matter, since past experience has proven that Israel cannot afford restricting its freedom to act against terrorism - today Hamas, tomorrow Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaida," said Olmert. "We cannot reach a compromise that would enable Hamas to fire at yet more cities and towns in Israel," he added. Olmert reiterated US President George W. Bush's statement, according to which the end result of the Gaza operation must be that Hamas "not only stops firing, but also lose its ability to fire in the future."