Olmert: We'll continue Gaza ops until terrorism stops

"We will have no choice but to continue [IDF] action until terrorism stops," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday during a special Knesset session to mark the visit of Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom. "Your visit in our country is taking place during a difficult hour of grave escalation and terror attacks on Israel's communities on the part of Hamas and Islamic Jihad - under the auspices of Iran," the prime minister told Solyom. "I hope the Hungarian government will understand and support the steps we take to counter this intolerable situation." Israel, Olmert said, is "striving for peace and acting to attain it. The negotiations process between Israel and Palestinians will continue, even if it was frozen in past days." The prime minister added that Israel would not abide any more rocket attacks and would not stand by while a "fundamental base" was being assembled along its southern border.