Olmert won't face trial over Leumi

Supreme Court slams Lador over handling of corruption case.

Ehud Olmert 311 AP Good Quality (photo credit: AP)
Ehud Olmert 311 AP Good Quality
(photo credit: AP)
The Supreme Court decided not to try former prime minister Ehud Olmert for the sale of the state's Bank Leumi shares, in a statement released on Thursday.
Judge Edna Arbel said that she did not find proof that would justify the state attorney's intervention, and his reasons for closing the case are enough.
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However, Arbel sharply criticized Lador, saying: "The picture that arises from the state attorney's decision does not leave the reader with a comfortable feeling. Even if the state attorney found that there is not enough proof to present a petition, the picture that comes from the proof that exists is worrying."
"A situation in which families and friends are mixed up with the sale of state property that effects the stability of the market is not a matter to be taken lightly," Arbel continued.
Ometz: Citizens for Fair Government and Social Justice had petitioned the high court, claiming that State Attorney Moshe Lador's decision not to send Olmert to court in connection to the Leumi affair was not reasonable, and that there is proof that Olmert hid a conflict in interests.
"It is clear that Olmert did not reveal his connections with Lowy and tried to change the conditions of the sale in his favor, while ignoring the requests of other groups," the petition reads.
Olmert was also investigated for allegedly paying a discount price on an apartment on Jerusalem's Cremieux Street. The Supreme Court recommended that the State Attorney's Office close the case.
The former prime minister is also suspected of involvement in the Holyland corruption case, as well as illegal involvement with the Rishon Tours travel agency during his tenure as Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor.