Parents indicted for alleged rape

Three cases of incest in the North, J'lem make the news in a 24-hour period.

rape victim 88 (photo credit: )
rape victim 88
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The Nazareth District Court on Tuesday sentenced a northern man to 17 years in prison for turning his daughter into a sex slave, Israel Radio reported. According to the report, the man had continuously raped the girl, now 14, since she was nine years old. The daughter, who had attempted suicide, was being kept in a secure youth ward in the Tirat Hacarmel hospital for mental health. Also in Nazareth, prosecutors presented an indictment earlier Tuesday to the District Court against a Beit She'an couple accused of raping their 15-year-old daughter as her toddler brother looked on. According to the indictment, the mother held the teenager down as the drunken father disrobed and then assaulted the girl. The couple's three-year-old son witnessed the rape, the charge sheet reported. Prosecutors requested that the suspects be held during the proceedings. The daughter and her brother were taken under the auspices of local social services following their parents' arrest. Police initially learned of the case on November 18th when social services told them that the parents were refusing to let their daughter enter their apartment. On Monday evening, a Jerusalem man was arrested on suspicion that he had raped his sister-in-law repeatedly since she was nine years old, Jerusalem police said Tuesday. In interrogations, the 35-year-old man reportedly told investigators that the sexual relations were consensual. The man was picked up after a complaint was filed with police Monday afternoon. Police intended to ask the Jerusalem District Court to extend the suspect's remand.