Peres: Hamas is murderous; Iranians agents cause of Arab-world tragedy

President Shimon Peres spoke out against Hamas in an interview to the foreign press on Sunday and in an appearance with students from Beersheba and the Gaza periphery. "Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization, and its members are brutal people of the lowest order," said Peres. "They do not reject any means of launching terror attacks against Israel, including the use of the local population as human shields." Relating to the Iranian connection to the events, Peres said that there are "two people responsible for the tragedy of the Arab world: Hassan Nasrallah, who is ultimately an Iranian agent, and Khaled Mashaal, who is also an Iranian agent." "We must remember that the Arab world is 90% Sunni, and they are also opposed to Iran's desire to rule the Middle East. Israel has restrained itself as much as was possible, and today the time has come to give Hamas the warranted response," continued the president.