Peres turns 84 today... and on Shabbat

Most published sources say August 2, but the Encyclopaedia Britannica lists it as August 16 and Middle East Web gives it as August 21. So the office of Shimon Peres on Wednesday put an end to the presidential birthday confusion by confirming to The Jerusalem Post that he indeed turns 84 on Thursday, August 2... at least according to the Gregorian calendar. The published discrepancies evidently stem from the fact that Peres primarily observes his Hebrew birth-date - the 20th of Av. In 1923, this coincided with August 2, the date cited in most biographies of Israel's ninth president. This year, the 20th of Av falls on Saturday, August 4. Meanwhile, Peres met on Wednesday with opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, for their first official talks since Peres took up his new office July 15. The two, both former prime ministers, discussed affairs of state and other issues.