PLC spokesman: IDF too weak to obtain any info on Schalit

"The Israeli army is too weak to obtain any information on [captured IDF soldier Gilad] Schalit," a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees (PLC), one of the organizations believed to be holding Schalit, said Monday, responding to IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi's earlier statement to the effect that Israel knows where Schalit is being held and by whom. "Israel has tried to obtain information on Schalit," the PLC spokesman, Abu Mujahad, continued. "However, all of its attempts have failed and in the period spanning the last two years and more the resistance has proven its ability to manage the issue and be victorious over Israel." The IDF had downplayed Ashkenazi's remark - made in front of new recruits to the Armed Corps - saying that the chief of general staff had merely been referring to common knowledge- that Schalit is being held in Gaza by Hamas. According to Abu Mujahad, "Ashkenazi's attempt to nudge his new soldiers forward by making statements is unfounded due to the fact that they know nothing regarding the location of Schalit and the people holding him." Ashkenazi, he continued, "should know that Schalit will not see the light of day if not under a swap deal that will see our men released."