PM urges restraint on US 'freeze for promises' offer

Netanyahu tells cabinet, "We have an interest in moving peace process forwards," claims "West Bank settlers subjected to unjustified offensive."

Netanyahu cabinet meeting 311 AP (photo credit: Associated Press)
Netanyahu cabinet meeting 311 AP
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday urged restraint on a deal offered by the US in which Israel would limit West Bank settlement building for 60 days in return for certain US promises.Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting Netanyahu said "we are in the midst of sensitive diplomatic contacts with the US administration in order to find a solution that will allow the continuation of the talks. Now is not the time for issuing statements."
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"We have no interest in causing an uproar. Neither do I have the possibility of denying the baseless media report," Netanyahu continued.
One such report was published by
London-based newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat on Monday which suggested that Netanyahu has already agreed to the US offer.
The report went on to say that Netanyahu also called for a US guarantee that the IDF could maintain a presence in the Jordan Valley as part of a final peace deal with the Palestinians.
According to Netanyahu, 15 ministers oppose the extension on settlement building, eight are in favor of it, and ten are undecided. In the event of a tie between those in favor and those opposed to the extension, Netanyahu will make the final decision, the report stated.
At the cabinet meeting
Netanyahu said "I do have an interest in responding calmly and responsibly in order to advance the diplomatic process.  We will quietly consider the situation and the complex reality away from the spotlights."
Netanyahu said the settlers in the West Bank were subjected to an unjustified offensive and now it is important to make sure that they live a normal life.