PMO 'amazed' at comptroller's public complaints

The Prime Minister's Office issued a statement on Tuesday in response to State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss's complaints earlier in the day, saying that "we were amazed to hear - from the media, of course - the state comptroller's grievances. "Section 21 of the state comptroller's law states that the comptroller is obligated to submit an opinion on every issue that falls within his job description, whether he is asked to do so by the Knesset, the committee, or the government," the Prime Minister's Office said. The report also said that "all of the prime minister's moves were coordinated in advance and will continue to be coordinated with the attorney-general. Since we heard from the media that the comptroller wrote a message to the newspapers on his own, we are convinced that he made an innocent mistake, as it is unimaginable that the comptroller does not know the law whose power enables him to act."