PM's wife, Yishai talk foreign children

Minister to check Netanyahu's suggestions to prevent deportation.

yishai sarah netanyahu (photo credit: courtesy)
yishai sarah netanyahu
(photo credit: courtesy)
Interior Minister Eli Yishai met with Sara Netanyahu, the prime minister's wife, to discuss the planned expulsion of 400 foreign worker's children on Thursday.
After the meeting in Yishai's Jerusalem office, the minister said that he will not change his policy, but he will check Netanyahu's "interesting" ideas.
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In a statement released by Yishai, he said the meeting was positive and that a number of ideas were raised.
"I know Mrs. Netanyahu for many years, and value her public involvement on many humanitarian topics, especially children, which are close to her heart as a psychologist," Yishai said.
He emphasized that the decision to deport the children is "meant to keep the state's character."
"I had an excellent meeting with the Minister," Netanyahu said. "I appreciate his deep concern for the state's Jewish and democratic character, and the future of the state."
The prime minister's wife added that Yishai is "humane and open to discuss [the issue] with me, and check additional ideas on the topic of children."
The two agreed that professionals in the interior ministry would review Netanyahu's ideas, and the two would meet again, if necessary.
Last week, Sara Netanyahu sent a letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai, pleading with him to find a solution that would allow the 400 children to remain in the country.
“Dear Eli, I turn to you as a mother of two young sons and a psychologist in the public service,” Netanyahu wrote to Yishai. “From the depth of my heart, I ask of you to exercise your authority... and allow most of the 400 children to stay in Israel.”
"I am certain that in this case too, you can find a creative solution for the children of the foreign workers [through] the government’s decision and the power you hold as interior minister, in a way which will not harm Israel’s national interests as a Jewish state and its policy on immigration,” Netanyahu wrote.

Ron Friedman contributed to this report.