Police arrest husband over wife's murder

Beit She'an man suspected of stabbing wife to death in family home, with their seven children present.

bloody knife 88 (photo credit: )
bloody knife 88
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Police arrested a 41-year-old man in Beit She'an overnight Thursday on suspicion of stabbing his wife to death in their home while the couple's seven children were in the house. The suspect was apparently detained immediately following the murder after police officers who were on patrol identified a man running towards a thicket with blood on his clothes. Police suspect the murder took place at about 2 a.m. on Friday morning. After a short questioning session, the man, 41-year-old Yitzhak Buhbout, admitted to stabbing his wife, Revital Buhbout, 35, and led the police officers to the house, where the body of the dead woman was found. A Magen David Adom team arrived at the site and pronounced the woman's death. The couple has seven children who were apparently in the house when their mother was stabbed to death, the youngest is a one-year-old and the eldest is 13.