Police ask public to help find missing 4-year-old

Dichter says when details of case become clear, "we as a public will have to examine ourselves."

little rose 248.88 (photo credit: Israel Police)
little rose 248.88
(photo credit: Israel Police)
Israel Police turned to the public on Sunday, for help in finding Rose, a four-year-old girl from Netanya who went missing in May 2008. The girl is described as being 80 centimeters tall, skinny, with light-brown hair and blue eyes. Police said that they strongly fear for her life, but further details were not disclosed due to a gag order on the matter. Police stressed that although Rose had been missing for over three months, her absence was only reported to the police two weeks ago. An attorney representing one of the people involved in the affair, Adi Hadar, told Army Radio that there was someone who noticed Rose's absence long before it was reported to the police. However, the attorney could not go into details, and said these would be made public once the gag order was removed. Hadar said he was afraid that if the police do not receive new information soon, it may take a long time for the investigation to progress. Public Security Minister Avi Dichter recommended waiting before jumping to conclusions on the case, saying that even he did know the exact details. "We all hear and read about similar incidents around the world. There was a case of a father raising a daughter in horrific conditions and it took years to find out. When things get clearer, the police will be able to explain it to the public." Dichter told a press conference in Jerusalem. "Then we as a public will have to examine ourselves." Anybody with information about the girl and her whereabouts should either file a report with the Netanya police, or contact the police by phone at: 08-9279466, or 08-9279575.