Police find 9 explosive devices in Lod

Police find 9 explosive

Nine explosive devices were found by Lod police on Wednesday night at a junction near a bus station. Detectives were acting on intelligence and believe the bombs were left by a criminal organization for others to pick up, a police spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. "A police bombs squad was called to the scene and defused all of the explosives," the spokeswoman added. "We believe the explosives were likely going to be used against criminal elements. An investigation is underway," she said. "The explosives were not meant to explode on the scene," the spokeswoman stressed. Police in Lod are accustomed to dealing with pipe bombs and other forms of explosives which are routinely used by criminal organizations against one another. Despite the high number of bombs found on Wednesday night, "We do not view this as an escalation," the police spokeswoman said.