Police release video of Indian caretaker abusing elderly woman

Elderly woman's caretaker, Santi Peetala, was caught in the act by a hidden camera planted by the woman's daughter.

surveillance camera 88 illustrative (photo credit: )
surveillance camera 88 illustrative
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Petah Tikva police released video evidence on Tuesday of an Indian caretaker physically abusing an 85-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer's. The elderly woman's caretaker, Santi Peetala, was caught in the act by a hidden camera planted by the woman's daughter, who became suspicious after noticing marks on her mother's body. In the video, Peetala can be seen forcefully attempting to drag the woman from her wheelchair before repeatedly striking her. Peetala was indicted last week on charges of attacking a defenseless person and making threats. Her custody was extended on Tuesday by a Petah Tikva Magistrate until the end of proceedings. "The elderly woman is not able to communicate," Supt. Sima Dari, of Petah Tikva police, who oversaw the case, said. "Her daughter noticed injuries and hid a camera. The caretaker was recorded tying the woman to a wheelchair with a scarf and striking her." Dari added that Peetala admitted to the charges and attempted to explain her conduct by telling police "this was the only way to carry out the various care tasks." According to a court protocol released from Tuesday's remand hearing, Peetala told police, "She's crazy. People don't like to work in this kind of job." A police representative told the court that "were it not for the suspicions of the elderly woman's daughter, it is fair to assume that these cruel acts would have continued." The protocol said the victim's daughter told detectives that although her mother cannot speak, she did gesture with her hand in a way that suggested "she had something to tell her." If found guilty, Peetala faces immediate deportation or the possibility of jail time in Israel first. "I hope she will not simply be deported," Dari said.