Police suspect Avi Nir beating was over findings on a Channel 2 show

Police verifying connection between Keshet CEO beating and events hall manager arrest for sexual harassment.

An events hall manager in Tel Aviv was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of committing indecent assault and sexual harassment against a female investigator of a Channel 2 show who was working at the events hall undercover after several complaints against the manager were received. The suspect, a 55-year-old Ramat Gan man, was taken in for questioning and will be brought for remand extension on Thursday. In addition, a well-known producer in the entertainment field was investigated on the suspicion of having threatened two people from the Channel 2 show should they air their findings. The police was verifying the possibility of a connection between this incident and the brutal beating of Avi Nir - CEO of Keshet which carries the Channel 2 show - over a week ago Nir was attacked while walking his dog near his home in Tel Aviv. The alleged assailants confirmed his identity before proceeding to beat him.