Police to place new road markings at junction after deadly crash

Following a deadly crash between a truck and a van ferrying special needs pupils to their homes on Thursday, in which six people were killed, police on Friday decided to place new road markings and install a new road sign at the Kever Binyamin Junction on Route 55, where the accident took place. The decision came following a situation analysis held with Traffic Police Head Cmdr. Avi Ben Hemo, Central Police District Head Cmdr. Nissim Moor, and the chief safety engineer of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA). The safety measures will act as a temporary measure until the NRSA installs a traffic light at the junction, police added. "We have decided not to close the junction, due to the large amount of traffic and public transportation that is dependant on it, and the access it provides to agricultural land," police said. "Our evaluation that this accident was caused by a driver's failure to yield remains," police added.