Possible knife attack thwarted in Revava

Possible knife attack th

Police say two people from the West Bank settlement of Revava tackled a Palestinian teenager aged approximately 13 after suspecting him of planning to launch a knife attack on residents of the settlement. The incident began on Wednesday morning when locals spotted the minor loitering on the outskirts of the settlement. Suspicions were aroused when the teenager was seen hiding an item up his sleeve, settlers told police. Two settlers overpowered him, and the boy fell to the ground, sustaining light injuries. Police arrived on the scene and recovered a knife from the scene. The minor was taken to hospital to receive treatment for his wounds, after which he will be detained at a Samaria police station and his version of events recorded by police, a Judea and Samaria Police Spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. "Our initial investigation suggests the minor found a knife near the settlement. He has denied planning an attack," police said in a statement. The police spokesman added that it was too soon to confirm the testimonies of the settlers.